Visit to Doha, Qatar

Visit to Doha, Qatar


I've had the opportunity to visit Doha on one of my trips. This was my first to Doha and to the middle east for that matter. Had a little time over the weekend so I managed a little bit of sight seeing. The heat was too much to stay outdoors for too long so I managed a short trip.

One of the first things people tend to ask me is if I had seen camels yet...


Falconry hunting is still a popular sport here and I had the opportunity to visit a falcon market and to get to hold and touch one! These are really beautiful birds and there was even a falcon hospital! First time I've ever come across one.


The city center of Doha has a lot of new tall buildings of very interesting architecture with a lot of ongoing construction.. It almost seems like the buildings were trying to outdo each other. It will be interesting to see what Doha looks like in a few years.


The Souq Waqif had a lot of little interesting wares including an arts and a gold centre.


and of course its not complete without The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf!


The Pearl Qatar is a premium residential area on reclaimed land with shopping and dining in the area. You know that its premium when they have a Ferrari dealer in the area. Just something you might want to pick up on the way home after getting a Gucci bag...


Thanks for visiting!

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