Hong Kong

One of the places that my travels take me is Hong Kong. Sometimes referred to as the Pearl of the Orient, I can see why. It has the charm of the new and the old. Much like Tokyo where the modern and traditional co-exist. One cannot visit Hong Kong without talking about or trying the food. Hong is known for its cuisine and commerce amongst many things. One think that struck me was how tall most of the residential buildings were and the density that they were stacked together.

These are "low-rise" by comparison to the rest of the newer residential buildings.


Traditional butchers still exist and are still popular

IMG_0744 IMG_0745IMG_0779 IMG_0787

IMG_0815IMG_0799 IMG_0805 IMG_0818 IMG_0823 IMG_0824

Yup, this is THE Chungking Mansions. For those of you who are familiar with the film Chungking Express would know this one... I must have watched it a hundred times...


This is what occupies the inside of the building currently... IMG_6229

Another tall building...


This was the beginning of "Occupy Central" so traffic was still moving


Horse racing is huge in Hong Kong. It's almost like its national sport! I managed to check out one of the jockey clubs where the retired race horses are being housed in their "retirement homes".


Street food


Think this one was goose...IMG_6235 IMG_6238

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