Dining in Seoul

Food is one of the things that I most look forward to when visiting Seoul. It is usually spicy and rich in seasoning which I sometimes really crave for and the prices are pretty reasonable as well. Apart from the usual BBQ fare that you usually get, I've been fortunate enough to have people introduce me to new foods in Korea. This is duck and Kimchi. Not sure what you call it in Korean but it tastes good. All washed down with beer and soju. We sat on little stools and the fire and the pan was just at our shins...

IMG_0649 IMG_0659

It was packed on a weekday, a sign that they serve good food.


The selection of cuts for the BBQ

IMG_5308 IMG_5321 IMG_5324

I think this one was Bulkogi. I realise that in Seoul I spent a lot of time cooking my own food...


Pigs trotters. Good stuff

IMG_6063 IMG_6065

And of course beer and fried chicken to wash it all down.

IMG_6067 IMG_6068

Looking forward to my next trip to Seoul! Thanks for stopping by.

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