Indian Creek Distillery

Haven’t posted anything in quite a while… been travelling quite a bit but have not had time to put anything together. Most recently, on one of my travels to Ohio, I’ve had a chance to visit a whiskey distillery. Its not just any distillery but a Rye distillery that crafted whiskey in small batches by hand in the oldest working stills in the US. It was a family owned place and continues to distill using pretty much the same recipe used at that distillery before Prohibition was made law in 1920.


the wonderful hosts/owners of the distillery


the hand made copper stills that are still being used today

IMG_0916 IMG_0931 IMG_0933IMG_0917IMG_0947IMG_0939IMG_0929

the recipe of the whiskey

IMG_0940 IMG_0942

the finished products.


thank you for visiting.

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