I’ve been flying through O’Hare airport a number of times over the years but have not had the chance to visit the beautiful city of Chicago. On my most recent trip I’ve had the opportunity to spend a day around the city. Special thanks to 2 of my wonderful colleagues who took the day to show me around. First up, FOOD! And the food was definitely excellent at Fontera Grill. I’ve lived in Arizona so I’ve been to many Mexican restaurants and this was the first “up-scale” one that I’ve been to and I must say that it is one of the best places for Mexican food that I’ve had. Oh and they also make awesome Tequilas!

DSC00700 DSC00705 DSC00701

Then we headed up Willis Tower (formerly known as Sears Tower) and went on “The LEDGE”. It's a beautiful view of the city from up there and we were lucky as the weather was the best it had been all week.

DSC00689 DSC00817 DSC00733 DSC00779 DSC00746 DSC00776 DSC00761 DSC00770 DSC00763

and of course the gift shop


A little drive around the city and we stopped by for some cupcakes.

DSC00972 DSC00971 DSC00961 DSC00956

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Chicago Part 2

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