Google + Trey Ratcliff

Managed to attend a talk today by Trey Ratcliff hosted by Google Japan. He shared with us on what is influences are and how things that had happened to him early in his life impacted the way that he lives, thinks and his philosophy in life. DSC00408

He also showed us an abbreviated flow of how he post processes his photos to achieve the “look” that he is famous for. I think the video of the talk might already be on YouTube.


You could see the level of concentration of the attendees.

DSC00413 DSC00411

Google had their own cafe in Ropponggi Hills!

DSC00400 DSC00403

They had a networking session after that and I got to meet a few interesting people.


Watching the guys "live" in action.


There was something to keep everyone happy.


And coupled with the beautiful sunset...


All in all a good experience. Thanks Google!

Thanks for stopping by!


Sakura (お花見)