Last One for This Season

As the weather starts to warm and Sakura starts to bloom, it is time to hang up my snowboard and wait for the next season of powder. I made one last trip to Tanbara Ski Park ( and didn’t expect much as it didn’t appear to be much from the homepage but I was pleasantly surprised. Its not a very large ski area with only about 5 lifts and a couple of courses but they had something for everyone. I like the “ski park” (jumps and stuff) and a couple of good areas for the kids. It is definitely a good place to go for your first ski or snowboard experience because it is not too intimidating as they’ve got easy slopes for you to practice your basics before hitting the steeps and parks.    IMG_3467 IMG_3461 IMG_3455IMG_3484

The snow quality this late in the season was what I would call "sorbet snow", nonetheless it was still a good day out!

and we found a nice place for dinner!

IMG_3499 IMG_3498

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Oh and all the photos were taken with my iPhone 5

Sakura (お花見)

お宿ふるや@赤倉温泉 (Oyado Furuya@Akakura Onsen)