Travelling to Isahaya

I headed to Isahaya, Nagasaki for a short business trip. It's been a while since I've been there. Its a city that I always love to visit, excellent food, friendly people. You can get there in about 2 hours from Haneda. It was unfortunate that I did not have much of an opportunity to photograph the city during this trip. DSC08255

There is always a place for Hello Kitty.

DSC08259 DSC08260 DSC08261

Lunch for the trip.

DSC08264 DSC08267 DSC08268 DSC08269 DSC08270

Catching up on much needed rest


I don't usually take photos out of airplane windows but I think I'll start doing it. I think I was probably flying over Nagano.

DSC08273 DSC08275 DSC08278 DSC08280

I'm there!

DSC08284 DSC08285

お宿ふるや@赤倉温泉 (Oyado Furuya@Akakura Onsen)

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