Minolta SR-T 101 with Rokkor

I have recently gotten into hunting for vintage gear for my photography and one of my recent finds is the Rokkor-PG 50mm, f1.4 lens. Its of the older Minolta SR mount so I thought I’d retrofit it to the A-mount so I can use in on my Minolta and Sony Alpha series cameras. There is a lot of information out there on retrofitting mounts for different lenses and there’s a whole community that are into using alternative lenses. The main advantages is that these high quality lenses were that made back in the day are now a fraction of the cost of what they used to be. A lot of them are still in very good condition as they were expensive lenses and the owners tend to take care of them. These lenses are usually of the film era and the former owners must have sold them in favour of the new digital cameras. These lenses are still relevant today especially with the popularity of the mirrorless cameras that can be adapted to use almost any lens. Unfortunately, the retrofitting the Rokkor-PG 50mm to the A-mount was more of a hassle than I was willing to deal with so what did I do? I got a camera that would fit the lens instead!

I found a nice Minolta SR-T 101 that was going at a very reasonable price. The seals needed replacement so I got a set from www.camerasealkit.com. These guys are great. They send you all the seals and tools that you would need for the replacement and they will ship to anywhere in the world. If you have any old vintage cameras that you need replacement seals for I highly recommend them. All it took was time and patience to remove the old seals and put the new ones on and I have a camera that’s good as new.

Had planned to post some shots off it but somehow I managed to screw up loading the film so the good news is I get to re-use the can of film all over again! Will update, in the meantime, here's how it looks!

SR-T 101 Sample photos

Tokyo Skytree