GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)

In the last year or so since I bought my A77, I have been suffering from a constant attack of GAS. I do not buy very expensive gear but seem to “need” a lot of stuff.  

Now my gear consists of:


  1.  4 camera bodies (Minolta SR-T 101, Minolta alpha-7, Konica Minolta 7D, SONY A77)
  2.  7 lenses (Minolta Rokkor-PG 50mm, Minolta 24-105mm, 100-300mm, 24mm, SONY 16-50mm, 35mm DT, 50mm DT)
  3.  A Canon IXY3000 IS point and shoot
  4. Canon iVIS HF21 video camera
  5. 2 tripods (SLIK & Manfrotto)
  6. Phottix Wireless Flash transmitter/trigger
  7. SONY Remote trigger
  8. Intervalometer
  9. Minolta 5600HD flash
  10. Minolta Extended Battery Pack for flash
  11. Go Pro HD HERO2 with LCD back
  12. A couple of filters, batteries, mounts, flash hoods, cabinet, etc


My current ever expanding wish list for now:


  1. Hasselblad 503CW
  2. Manfrotto MKC3-H01
  3. Film scanner
  4. Contax G2?


I find myself wanting smaller and lighter gear hence the shift to more primes and also to try out new formats and types of photography, e.g medium format, HDR, time lapse etc. I currently find hunting for used gear more fun than getting new equipment as there is a lot of good stuff out there especially in Tokyo that cost a fraction of what they used to be so I guess this list will keep growing!

However, I do believe that in order to be  better photographer its better to buy books and experience rather than gear. Having said that I'm also buying myself different experiences by shotting different gear! ;-)

Thank you for visiting! Please feel free to comment and share!

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