What's in my Bag?

What's in my Bag  

For quite a while I have been looking for the right bag to carry my kit around and my most recent purchase is the Lowepro Passport Sling. I’ve only had it for a while and it has been good so far. Its good for photowalks and getting around as I usually don’t like carrying a ton of gear around.


I try to take a minimalistic approach when it comes to lugging my gear as I think additional weight just wears you down and you will not be able to shoot for as long as you would like to or start todevelop a reluctance to take your gear with you.


In my bag (Lowepro Passport Sling), I usually have:


SONY A77 camera with OPTECH USA strap (these are really comfortable)

Usually with a 35mm prime lens attached to it.

A couple of SD memory cards

A spare battery.

A business card holder with cards of my photoblog.


Optional items that I may carry at times.


SONY 16-50mm lens (great for video or if I need a zoom)

Flash and Phottix wireless trigger

LumiQuest Minisoftbox

Walking around with my 35mm (getting closer to 50mm…well…52.5mm) lens

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