Hooters Tokyo

Hooters opened its doors in Tokyo in 2011 the novelty doesn't seem to have worn off yet. The customers were all well excited and were still waiting in line to get in as late as 11pm.

The servers were generally friendly and had the service attitude that one would expect Tokyo. Although I was told off by one of the crew trainers that I should not be taking pictures of staff and/or customers without giving them prior notice (not that I was doing so as I was more into taking pictures of people in my party) The service staff were generally more than obliging to let you have your photos taken with them. All in all a pleasant experience judging by the fact that the folks with me had a good time. Post a comment and share your experience here and feel free to comment and share!

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Today's Theme: Signs

Walking around with my 35mm (getting closer to 50mm…well…52.5mm) lens