Walking around with my 50mm (well...75mm) lens

I had ordered a 35mm (DT) lens which would effectively give me a 50mm focal length on my APS-C camera. So before my lens arrived I thought I'd spend more time with my current 50mm lens which gives me about 75mm on my sensor. I spent an entire day shooting only that lens although there were many times I wished that I had a wider lens. This lens will now be my primary portrait lens. I still did bring my zoom with me but I forced myself not to use it and I found that I can manage to make the lens work for me. Just had to spend a little time thinking about the shot before raising the camera to my eye. The f/1.8 lens came in pretty handy as my camera is not a performer in low light high ISO situations. I did most of my focusing manually as I found it easier for off centre focusing rather than let the camera pick the points. I know that the photos do appear to be completely random but the intention is to show the versatility and what you can do with that focal length/lens.

Traveling friendly couple who were nice enough to stop for the camera.

Girl Waiting

and if you like bicycles...


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