Akihabara (秋葉原?, "Field of Autumn Leaves"), also known as Akihabara Electric Town (秋葉原電気街, Akihabara Denki Gai?), is a district of Tokyo, Japan. It is located less than five minutes by rail from Tokyo Station. Its name is frequently shortened to Akiba (アキバ?) in Japan. While there is an official locality named Akibahara, which is also 秋葉原 in kanji, nearby (as part of Taitō-ku), the area known to most people as Akihabara (including the railway station of the same name) also include Soto-Kanda, a part of Chiyoda-ku.[ref] Everyone now knows that Akihabara is a major shopping area for electronic, computer, anime, and otaku goods, including new and used items. Akihabara now also hosts numerous “maid” cafes with girls dressed up as maids and you can find them around various areas in Akihabara handing promotional flyers for their respective cafes.

They seem to be unexpectedly camera shy...

AKB 48 was everywhere

People sitting around with their DS
There's always a place for coffee
and the rest of Akihabara


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