Getting Organised

Since I started on digital photography I have managed (so I thought!) to keep a rather organized filing system for my photos but with the number of different cameras and the explosion of the number of photos compared to the past. I have been seeking a new way to organize my photo and video files as I have various sources dumping digital photos into my computer, mainly my SLR, compact camera, and 2 iPhones and as many video sources as well. Organizing and backing them up is starting to be a time consuming task. I've been resisting to have them all managed in Aperture as I somehow had the mentality that Aperture consumed too much disk space like iMovie for my video files. This is when I came across the ebook Digital Workflow for Photographers by Trey Ratcliff (available from and started working on a consolidated system of organizing everything in Aperture and filing according to date. I started with photos taken in 2012 as its still May so there should not be too many to organize. The initial process was a little tedious as I had to import everything that I had not previously imported and to rename the folders. Now having completed the files for 2012 I am able to compare it with the stuff in 2011 and they are more accessible and everything is in one place where I can get to and process.

The photos that follow should not take that much time to organize if I import them after every day of shooting and I know that I will be able to search for the photos that I need even in a couple of years. If the system works for someone who takes tens of thousands of photos it'll work for me!

Thanks Trey!

Walking around with my 50mm (well...75mm) lens

Kamogawa Seaworld

Kamogawa Seaworld