Street Photography

The idea behind street photography is to take a candid shots of interesting people, places, or moments in time. Kai prefers the use of a 50mm lens as it takes you closer to the subject.

Here are some key points he mentions:


  • Dress for the occasion. The key is to blend in with everyone else as to go unnoticed.
  • Carry minimal equipment.
  • Turn off your flash and get everything set before going out to get the shot.
  • He recommends using aperture priority mode and center focus, spot metering. It’s better to get the shot than miss out on it because you were fumbling with the settings.
  • Be patient. Look for settings that are busy and naturally interesting. Wait for the right shot. You don’t want to miss on out the real action because you were wasting time photographing a mediocre one.
  • Weigh up the scene. Think ahead.
  • Respect your subject.


  • Don’t use a camera that makes loud beeps or sounds that cannot be turned off. You are trying to avoid drawing attention to your photography.
  • Don’t look like a photographer. Try to look like just another person in the street, blend in.
  • Don’t follow people around or act like a perv or pedophile.
  • Don’t rush at people and shove your camera in their face. In some instances, it’s okay for your subject to acknowledge that you are photographing them. However, this doesn’t mean to go at them paparazzi style.
  • Don't creep up on your subjects.


I find it that a large number of people are open to have their photos taken. Many will let you take their pictures if you ask.

Remember to smile!

Kaki-Goya (牡蛎小屋)

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