One of the interesting places to do street photography in Tokyo would be Shibuya. Anyone who’s been here will tell you that it is a full on attack on your senses, and of course there’s the famous Shibuya crossing. It is one of the busiest areas in Tokyo and it is a fashion centre for the young people in Japan. A lot of fashion influences amongst young people in Asia can be attributed to Shibuya. I got a new camera recently and decided to take it out on a photowalk to see how the photos would turn out.


Hachiko- The famous loyal dog.

Where you can find protests.

And political rallies next to each other.

Shibuya 109 building. One of the places for Shibuya street fashion.

Shibuya Center Street where you can find a ton of restaurants and shops of any kind...


Shibuya Street Fashion.

Shibuya at night.

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A roma