Lens Comparison

Many people spend their camera budget mostly on upgrading the camera bodies and neglecting the glass. Afterall, the camera body is the one with all the megapixels and fancy technology with bells and whistles... Do lenses really make that much of a difference? I took a layman’s approach to comparing lenses without all the techy stuff and just looked at the photos. Which ones do I like better? I do have other photos and settings that I used for comparison before making the actual decision but since most of the time I take pictures with the aperture wide open so I used the photos with the lower f -stop settings. I know its not very scientific, but it’s my interpretation of how people generally would be using their cameras and comparing photos.

Minolta 24-105mm/f3.5-4.5 (D)
SONY DT 16-50mm/f2.8 SSM
Carl Zeiss 24-70/f2.8
Carl Zeiss DT 16-80/f3.5-4.5

Narita Airport