Ramen is one of the most commonly found foods inJapan. Many people go in search of the “best” ramen. There are magazines and books about it and there are enthusiasts who travel aroundJapanjust to try Ramen from different shops and places. The common types of ramen are shio (塩Salt), shoyu (醬油soy sauce), miso (味噌) and tonkotsu (豚骨 pork bone).

My favourite one is usually the tonkotsu ramen if they get it right, and I have a place that I love to go to for that. Its called Hatakakuru (はたかくる).


Another excellent place for tonkotsu ramen if you are around Narita is Ponkotsu tei (ぽんこつ亭). Get the rib ramen and try the “arrangement kaidama”. You won’t regret it!

I had the chance to try one of the unique ramen, Sanno Ramen, in Sanno city in Tochigi, known for its outlet mall and ramen when I was out there on a trip. It tastes closer to shio ramen that can be found around Tokyo.


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